How Social Media Gives us a Chance to be Heroes

woman like a superheroLast November 2013, the world was again ravaged by disaster. It was recorded to be the strongest typhoon recorded in modern history; Typhoon Haiyan’s landfall was in Tacloban, Leyte a small city in the central Philippines. It left more than 5,000 dead, and almost the whole population of Tacloban was left homeless. This became an opportunity for the social media to be a positive agent of change and take a break from being its evil form, people’s time waster.

Hours from the said disaster, Facebook and Twitter were full of news regarding the onslaught of the typhoon, however, there were problems such as no media coverage because of the destruction of signal towers. So there were a couple of hours that the nation was clueless. But when people learned of what happened to Tacloban, they began to ask for donations and help from others. Different organizations were alerted through social media, in no time there were pledges coming in from different countries and individuals. In a span of one week, “Yolanda” has been mentioned more than 3 million times. This helped in the relaying of information to relatives and friends who did not know what happened to their loved ones in Tacloban. Through social media, some were able to find the people they were looking for.

Different groups were created to cater the needs of the survivors of the Typhoon Yolanda, because of the sharing of information, people knew what was still lacking and needed. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and even Instagram became the new source of information that is readily available to anyone. Unlike before that when there is disaster, a couple of emails were sent to organizations and there is still a lack of information especially relating to remote areas. Today, there was too much information from everyone at once that the teams of relief workers cannot read everything.

For the first time in history, networking and social media site users became aware of what is happening to a place halfway around the globe and they were able to extend their help in simple ways. The world took a break from social media bullying, fighting and the self-syndrome where the most important events relate to us. Social media became a help to those in need.

Social Media Marketing: How Does It Help SEO?

Social media on SmartphoneA lot of changes have happened in the online industry, and with Google’s current efforts to beat search engine manipulation, online entrepreneurs need more SEO help than ever. But isn’t that ironic? Isn’t SEO just a method of search engine manipulation? The thing is SEO has both good and bad effects to your website, but you can outweigh the risks by using the correct methods. Social media marketing is one of the ways to optimize your SEO efforts.

Social media marketing or SMM is somehow seen as a branch of SEO. After all, when we say search engine optimization, it basically means any effort that pushes a website towards the top page of a Google search. Google needs to see your website as a valuable resource for the online community in order to put it on the top page. And one of the proven ways to make your website a good online resource is by making it a socially active entity.

One way to make this happen is by using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your followers, customers, clients, and avid readers. You may also use social media as your customer service portal. Directly associating your website with your social media accounts also adds credibility to your site. It only shows that you are who you say you are, and there are people who know you and have tried your products and/or services.

Social media also increases your online reach. Web analytics helps you track the number of people who visit your site, but social media can give you names and locations, even pictures. It helps you expand your leads because when someone likes your page, it appears on their newsfeed and gets recommended to some of their friends. If your Facebook page becomes very popular, it may even appear first on a Google search before your website.

Google uses social media as a means for verification and background checking. If you don’t have any social media credentials, it’s as though you’re not engaging your followers to interact with you. One of the biggest mistakes that online marketers make is that they focus too much on SEO that they completely forget the essence of the process, and that is to become credible and valuable enough to be on the top page.

Be Sociable With Your Business

Anyone who runs an online business will know that the right type of marketing is guaranteed to bring results. One of the upcoming methods, still vastly underrated, is social media marketing. Most people instantly think of Facebook and immediately you get comments like “Facebook is a waste of time, too many silly comments on there”.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all of the social media sites are probably the strongest methods for marketing a business these days. Used in the right way, they can help get the word about your business much further afield than traditional methods; they can help you gain new customers and find out exactly what your customers want.  Here are three ways to take full advantage of social media sites to boost your business:

  • Customers

Social media sites help you to increase your customer list, allowing you to reach people you never thought possible.

  • Visibility

Using social media properly gives your business a visibility it never had before. It tells people exactly what you are doing and it allows your followers to share your business with other people.

  • Content

You have heard the old saying “content is king”. Well, it is true and you should use your content to your advantage.  Let people know who you are and what you do, with well crafted quality, original content.  Tell people how you have helped others and watch your customer base grow.  Always keep your content fresh and up to date. More importantly, keep it relevant.

While social media can certainly play a big role in our personal lives, it can also play an even bigger one in our businesses.  Use the as forums to talk about your business, to help others out. Create your own forums and link them to your social media pages.

Take the time to think about what you and your business can gain from using social media as a marketing tool. Do your research and give it a go. Do take it one step at a time though – there are plenty of social media sites to choose from, just don’t go for them all at once otherwise you will lose control. If you need help, don’t be afraid to hire someone to help you, like this company that offers social media marketing in Toronto.

Getting Your Product Seen Via Social Media

There are times when marketing and management is full of buzz words. In most instances, the buzz words are completely different from one another. This time around, the buzzword is common for both. Corporate culture has embraced social media marketing like it was the best thing ever invented.

The truth is, that social media marketing is not a tough sell. It works, and everyone can see how effective it is. The problem with social media marketing is that it is not easily understood by non-practitioners. It may use the same concepts as traditional marketing, but the tools differentiate the concept from traditional marketing. The tools used in social media marketing are varied, with lots of analytics websites offering their services. There are also lots of automation and scheduling websites which can be used for internet marketing campaigns.

The idea of having an internet marketing agency makes sense in the long run. They know the landscape, and they know that the strategies and tactics will have to change, along with the rest of the technology and behavior of netizens as well as social media users.

Internet marketing is much like traditional marketing. There is marketing to create a brand name consciousness, and there is direct response marketing. Both can be used to great effect online. However, you can get results which from direct marketing congruent with the effort. Getting up close and personal with internet users may seem like a lot of work. In part, it is because the marketing people have to study direct responses, like comments, and shares, as well as follower growth. However, it can have great results specially if the post goes viral. The marketing value of a viral video is immense. In addition, media latency online, technically speaking is forever.

When a video is uploaded with a built-in product placement, or an ad, or a logo, that video will always be associated with the specific product. It is possible that the marketing people responsible for the product placement in videos know this, and also know that if the video keeps getting shared, that product will have a long shelf-life.

Engaging Your Audience: the Benefits of Direct Response Marketing

Social media has become so pervasive, it has made major changes culturally and yet it, these changes have been taken for granted. There was a time when people sat down and ate at a fancy restaurant. Nowadays, people who go to fancy restaurants engage in social media ritual. Customers register their presence on Foursquare, take pictures for instant upload to Instagram, and then share selfies on Facebook. Other diners, would just look, smile and shake their heads, if at all.

For marketing people, this has become a great opportunity to get into the action. Brand name consciousness has always been high, but lately, even big brand names have tried to reach out to their customers on a personal level. On the other hand, a direct response marketing campaign can be done daily or on an ongoing basis with any of the popular social media websites. What may be lacking is an app for such a campaign, but that idea should come around real soon.

Web 2.0 is about interaction. It is not just broadcasting one way to a faceless audience. Anyone who has a website can create a profile of his visitors. There all sorts of analytics available, ranging from sex, age, income bracket, type of phone, whether it’s a desktop or a mobile device, and other data. The numbers can be crunched and the resulting analysis will show whether a campaign is getting traction with the target market.

On a personal level, social media has always been about being personal. After creating an account, a person would invite his friends, colleagues and relatives. These are the people he wants to share his thoughts, pictures, and interests with. A campaign on social media has to start with the idea of an interest. This interest has to be shared. Once shared, it can go viral through more sharing. For an internet marketer, this is the perfect place to start. The once something is posted, his aim should be to keep the post alive with more interaction. He has to be able to send a message, get feedback and comments, and more mileage from the message through sharing. If he can get the conversation going, that post could go viral and have a life of its own.

Maximizing the Use of Cloud Storage When Doing Social Media Marketing

There is no doubt that social media is indeed powerful when launching online campaigns. For instance, when you post your products and services on Facebook and you have at least 100 followers, you are assured that at least 50% of them will see your post. This 50% might have hundreds and thousands of other friends too. Thus, it can just go on and on. When you utilize various platforms, then internet marketing campaign becomes a lot easier.

If you wish to make the most out of your campaign, you might want to consider using cloud storage. This is the best replacement to your regular storage devices. When you go for cloud storage, everything is stored online and there is no need to buy lots of storage devices just to fit everything in. How does this benefit your business? How will it affect your campaign? Here are the answers:

• When you upload or download lots of files for your campaign, this could accumulate. Thus, you would need lots of storage devices to have them all secured. The problem is that you can never control the growth of your business. Of course you can’t keep on buying storage devices each time you need to save data. This is not just costly, but also logistically impossible. However, when you have everything stored online through cloud storage, it won’t be an issue anymore.

• When you are doing online campaigns for your business, you will definitely meet competitors. The worst part is that some of them can play the game in a very dirty way. They might even attempt to hack your website or steal information from your company that they can use to their advantage. When you use cloud storage, you are assured this is not going to happen. Only you and the people you trust can access what you have stored and the data won’t be vulnerable to any attacks at all.

• Cloud storage is cheaper and more cost efficient. Of course, you want to maximize results and lower the cost. Therefore, this is the best choice for you.

When you are not yet convinced on how cloud storage will help you, then read this.

Utilizing Social Media to Gain Business Advantages

No matter how you look at it, it really can’t be denied that social media now plays a huge role in commerce. Companies that utilize social media almost always gain an “unfair” advantage over their competitors now. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. After all, a significant portion of the world’s population is now using the internet to look for goods and services and even buy/avail of them. In this post, I’m going to talk about how some companies in Toronto were able to gain a huge advantage over their competitors through social media. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ll get more of my readers to take their social media strategy more seriously.

When it comes to meeting a responsibility such as mold removal Toronto citizens are very particular. They obviously want to avail of the best services, and this is because choosing a company that’s even a bit mediocre can have really bad consequences. Because of this, it’s easy to assume that companies who offer better services get the most customers. Still, when one considers everything, one will see that mold removal companies are actually able to gain a huge advantage over their competitors, even the ones who offer better services, by using social media. This is because having the right social media strategy can make your business look a lot more credible.

How exactly does social media help in increasing the customer base of a business? It actually helps in a number of ways. One way social media can help is that it can make businesses appear to be really caring towards their customers. This is because social media can be used by businesses to handle the concerns of both long-time customers and potential customers really fast through it. Should they have a dedicated social media team, the team can quickly respond to whatever query is posted by people on their very own social media pages. The most popular mold removal companies in Toronto do this. Because they have a dedicated social media team, they are able to make their social presence very solid and even “personal.”

Of course, quick response to queries isn’t the only thing that makes social media an amazing tool for marketing purposes. One other thing that makes it awesome is the fact that social media enables businesses to spread promo material like wildfire. By creating “viral” content through promos and “targeted” posts on social media, people will end up spreading information that paints a certain company in a very positive light. The best thing about this strategy is that there is an easy formula to it, and implementing such a strategy doesn’t cost that much money. It’s really amazing. I suppose it can be said that in today’s world, money doesn’t matter as much as a company’s ability to create engaging content.

When it comes to mold testing Toronto residents want to do a great job dealing with it. Still, this does not mean that they will make it a point to hire the best companies. Should a company end up having a great social media strategy, they can gain more customers than companies that offer better services but don’t have an effective social media strategy. Always remember this: In today’s world, it would be wrong of any business to ignore social media. Doing so will definitely lead to huge losses.

Growing Your Business Through Social Media

In today’s world, it is essential for businesses to make use of social media. Unless they do so, they will lose many potential customers to their competitors. If you didn’t know, virtually everyone now has a social media account, and many of these people actually find out about products and do business with companies through social media sites. Why would people have to go out of their way to find a certain product if they can easily find it through social media sites? Considering this, it’s easy to see why the companies that have a solid social media presence are able to gain more customers than those who don’t. In this post, I’m going to talk about how one company in Toronto that specializes in mold inspection and removal has been able to benefit from the use of social media.

When it comes to mold inspection Toronto residents trust MoldRemovalTorontoInspection, and it’s because they are able to utilize social media efficiently. In fact, I can even go as far as say that when it comes to mold inspection and mold remediation, Toronto residents trust only one company that deals with mold, and that this is MoldRemovalTorontoInspection. This happened because right from the very early days of social media, they have been utilizing it to advertise their amazing services. Sure, there are other companies that offer amazing services too, but MoldRemovalTorontoInspection was able to convince people that they are the best because of their efficient use of the networking platform. How exactly does MoldRemovalTorontoInspection make use of social media? For one, they operate a social media page where they directly interact with both their long-time customers and their potential customers. The problem with other mold removal companies is that they have a hard time getting in touch with their customers. This isn’t the case with MoldRemovalTorontoInspection because they have a dedicated social media team that is always ready to answer the queries of customers.

Aside from having a dedicated social media team that’s always ready to answer queries, they also frequently update their social media page with regard to their services and promos. People are able to know what exactly they’re going to get should they hire the company, as well as avail of discounts or other promos through their social media page. Considering this, it’s easy to see why so many people would think that doing business with MoldRemovalTorontoInspection is actually “fun.” Through their social media activity, the mold removal company is able to make their customers feel like they’re getting the best service from the company, and this greatly works to their benefit.

Hopefully, this post of mine ends up making many of my entrepreneur readers utilize social media more fully. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about how charity organizations can get help through the use of social media. You may not realize this, but a single heart-warming post can actually get people to donate to charities. The good news is that there is actually a formula to creating such a content. Want to know more about this? Then do make it a point to visit our site again tomorrow.

Your Business Venture Can Benefit from Having a Solid Social Media Strategy

In today’s world, it is very important for every business to have a solid social media strategy. Not having one will ultimately lead to a business losing to its competitors. Why is this is the case? This is the case for so many reasons, and foremost among these reasons is the fact that most people now do business online. Of course, it goes without saying that virtually all the time, a person checks out social media sites first when they go online. Obviously, the companies they end up getting exposed to first have a higher chance of converting them into customers. Considering this alone, it’s easy to see why having a social media strategy is very important.

In this post, I’m going to talk about how one bookkeeping company in Toronto, Bookkeeping Pro, ended up becoming one of the best bookkeeping companies in the area. When it comes to bookkeeping Toronto residents think of Bookkeeping Pro immediately. The secret to their success isn’t the fact that they offer amazing services, but that they use social media in a very effective manner.

How exactly does Bookkeeping Pro make use of social media sites? One way Bookkeeping Pro uses social media sites is by making it a customer service hotline of some sort. For example, when it comes to their Facebook page, the company has a social media team that is dedicated to answering every concern that’s posted on their page. Because the company’s customers end up getting real time responses through their page, they end up developing more trust in the company. The best part is that they end up recommending the services of the company because of it.

Another way Bookkeeping Pro utilizes social media sites is by spreading promotional material through it. One promo they recently ran is the one where they have a certified bookkeeper Toronto expert help out the winners of the promo with their bookkeeping for free. Of course, the post had to be shared by those joining the promo, and because a lot of people ended up sharing the photo just to win it, a lot of people ended up finding out about Bookkeeping Pro and learning about their amazing services. Many of these people ended up becoming customers.

There are many other uses for social media, but to go over all of them would be impossible in this one post. Whatever the case may be, it can be said that just by using two out of so many possible social media strategies alone, Bookkeeping Pro is able to build a solid online presence and gain lots of customers.

In tomorrow’s post, we are going to concentrate on how a number of charity organizations are able to get a lot of help just by creating social media pages. They are able to do so by creating “viral” content. The best thing about viral content is that there is a formula to it. Want to know what the formula is? Then do make it a point to visit our site again tomorrow.

Utilizing Social Media: A Must for Any Business

In today’s world, businessmen need to make sure that they’re utilizing social media to benefit their venture. Not doing so can actually lead to their businesses losing out on a lot of profit. There have been cases where even the most well-established of businesses ended up shrinking just because they refused to adopt a social media strategy. You should learn from them and not make the same mistake. In this post, I am going to concentrate on how a binary options brokerage, Banc de Binary, has been able to utilize social media to improve their situation. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ll make all of my readers realize just how important having a social media strategy is to a business.

Banc de Binary, if you didn’t know, is one of the most successful binary options brokerages in the world today (visit their website here). This is because people can expect the most amazing services from them. Aside from being regulated by the CySec, Banc de Binary actually makes it a point to offer its clients access to a very amazing trading platform, as well as hundreds of underlying assets from all over the world. Considering these two things alone, it’s easy to see why so many people work with the brokerage.

Of course, the things I mentioned above aren’t the only things that contribute to Banc de Binary being such an amazing company (more information on the brokerage here). One of the very things that actually make Banc de Binary such an amazing company is the fact that they have a very effective social media strategy.

How exactly does Banc de Binary utilize social media? One of the things that make Banc de Binary’s social media strategy very amazing is that its clients can actually get real time help from the company though it. Unlike other binary options brokerages, Banc de Binary actually has a dedicated social media team that answers every query posted on its website as swiftly as they can. Because of this, Banc de Binary’s clients never have customer service troubles. If you didn’t know, customer service problems are actually one of the leading causes as to why people quit doing business with a certain company. Because Banc de Binary is able to avoid such situations, they are able to retain a significant portion of their customer base as well as gain new ones.

There are many other ways Banc de Binary utilizes social media to its advantage, but it would be impossible to talk about all of them comprehensively in just this one post. Tomorrow, we are going to focus on how another company, this time, a small business, has used social media to become one of the most trusted brands in Toronto. Although the business is small, it has gained recognition from so many people, even those from outside Canada, just because they knew how to utilize social media effectively. Want to know what this company is and how exactly they’re able to do such an amazing thing? Then do make it a point to visit our site again tomorrow.

Your Business Needs to Have a Great Social Media Strategy

Social media has certainly changed virtually all facets of modern living in very significant ways. For one, the way businesses deal with both long-time clients and potential clients is now very different, and this is all social media’s doing. In today’s world, unless a business adopts a sound social media strategy, they are bound to lose many clients to their competitors. Many small businesses have been able to achieve a large following thanks to social media; on the other hand, many big businesses have lost much of their core audience because of their incompetence at handling their social media presence. People can say whatever they want about social media, but they cannot deny the fact that social media has leveled the playing field in terms of marketing.

One of the businesses that have benefited from social media is Banc de Binary. As an EU licensed brokerage, Banc de binary could just rely on its reputation to gain new clients. After all, in today’s world, traders know that dealing with licensed brokerages is a must, that dealing with illegitimate businesses will inevitably just lead to them losing all their hard-earned money. However, Banc de Binary, just like any other great business, makes it a point to get as many clients as it can. The brokerage isn’t content with just gaining relatively few clients each month; the brokerage wants everyone interested in binary options trading to do business with them. While such a feat is certainly impossible, Banc de Binary is still the leader when it comes to the number of new clients gained each month. Banc de Binary’s marketing success is only possible through social media.

How does Banc de Binary utilize social media? Unlike other brokerages, Banc de Binary makes sure that every post on its social media pages is answered in a timely manner. The problem with most businesses is that they either answer queries on their social media pages in an untimely manner or they don’t answer them at all. Banc de Binary knows that answering queries on their social media pages in a timely manner gives clients the impression that the brokerage really cares about them, and for this reason, so many long-time clients stay with the brokerage and recommend the company to newbie traders. Typically, businesses aren’t able to address queries on their social media pages quickly because they don’t have enough social media managers; they think that having a lot of social media managers is too expensive. Banc de Binary doesn’t have this mindset; although the brokerage does spend a lot on its social media strategy, the benefits it brings far outweigh its costs.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the many businessmen out there. It doesn’t matter how small or how big your business is; having a great social media strategy will do wonders for it. Unless a business invests in their social media strategy, they will inevitably get left behind. So many people are now trading with Banc de Binary, and it’s mostly because of their amazing social media strategy – always remember this.

Why Social Media is THE Media

rete personeSocial media is like the traditional word-of-mouth advertising but modernized and reaches millions of people. There is no definitive time of when social media started to become an advertising medium but undoubtedly, it is now one of the most famous ways of getting your message to the masses. One of the first famous social media was created in 1994, Geocities. The idea is to make your own website and share information through the World Wide Web.

The use of social media is highly beneficial to a company; it gives an unlimited avenue for a business to connect with other people eliminating other difficult factors like geographical, economical and political boundaries. This paves the way to an interconnected world where one can do business at his own convenient time and location.

Do Away with the Middle Man

Before the rise of social media, some like contracting businesses rely so much on middle men or agencies to get customers. An example of this is Martell Home Builders of Canada, they had to share percentage of their fees to middle men because they were the one looking for customers. They decided to start using social media like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to market their services. It worked like magic for them; they reached customers not only within their community or the neighbouring parts but also to other regions of the country and even outside of it. Customers are just one click away from choosing the kind of service they want, paying and even monitoring the activities of their contractor. They have gained respectability and good reputation by showing proof of their work online, the customers could assess how well they do their jobs just by looking at their pictures of finished product online.

Do Away with Hassle Reservation

Did you know that in Michigan a place called San Chez Bistro uses Twitter for their table reservations? If a customer would like to reserve a table, they can tweet the restaurant and in response they will get a tweet back. So this is not just for reservation purposes but also free advertising since the other customers can read this and the friends of those who reserved as well. Chances are the customers will also capture the screen of the reservation and post it on Facebook for others more to see. This is an excellent way for a hassle-free reservation and marketing.

These are just a few examples of how social media has changed and shaped businesses nowadays. Without a doubt, social has become a large part of the world that having to do away with it is unimaginable.