Why Social Media is THE Media

rete personeSocial media is like the traditional word-of-mouth advertising but modernized and reaches millions of people. There is no definitive time of when social media started to become an advertising medium but undoubtedly, it is now one of the most famous ways of getting your message to the masses. One of the first famous social media was created in 1994, Geocities. The idea is to make your own website and share information through the World Wide Web.

The use of social media is highly beneficial to a company; it gives an unlimited avenue for a business to connect with other people eliminating other difficult factors like geographical, economical and political boundaries. This paves the way to an interconnected world where one can do business at his own convenient time and location.

Do Away with the Middle Man

Before the rise of social media, some like contracting businesses rely so much on middle men or agencies to get customers. An example of this is Martell Home Builders of Canada, they had to share percentage of their fees to middle men because they were the one looking for customers. They decided to start using social media like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to market their services. It worked like magic for them; they reached customers not only within their community or the neighbouring parts but also to other regions of the country and even outside of it. Customers are just one click away from choosing the kind of service they want, paying and even monitoring the activities of their contractor. They have gained respectability and good reputation by showing proof of their work online, the customers could assess how well they do their jobs just by looking at their pictures of finished product online.

Do Away with Hassle Reservation

Did you know that in Michigan a place called San Chez Bistro uses Twitter for their table reservations? If a customer would like to reserve a table, they can tweet the restaurant and in response they will get a tweet back. So this is not just for reservation purposes but also free advertising since the other customers can read this and the friends of those who reserved as well. Chances are the customers will also capture the screen of the reservation and post it on Facebook for others more to see. This is an excellent way for a hassle-free reservation and marketing.

These are just a few examples of how social media has changed and shaped businesses nowadays. Without a doubt, social has become a large part of the world that having to do away with it is unimaginable.

How Social Media Gives us a Chance to be Heroes

woman like a superheroLast November 2013, the world was again ravaged by disaster. It was recorded to be the strongest typhoon recorded in modern history; Typhoon Haiyan’s landfall was in Tacloban, Leyte a small city in the central Philippines. It left more than 5,000 dead, and almost the whole population of Tacloban was left homeless. This became an opportunity for the social media to be a positive agent of change and take a break from being its evil form, people’s time waster.


Hours from the said disaster, Facebook and Twitter were full of news regarding the onslaught of the typhoon, however, there were problems such as no media coverage because of the destruction of signal towers. So there were a couple of hours that the nation was clueless. But when people learned of what happened to Tacloban, they began to ask for donations and help from others. Different organizations were alerted through social media, in no time there were pledges coming in from different countries and individuals. In a span of one week, “Yolanda” has been mentioned more than 3 million times. This helped in the relaying of information to relatives and friends who did not know what happened to their loved ones in Tacloban. Through social media, some were able to find the people they were looking for.


Different groups were created to cater the needs of the survivors of the Typhoon Yolanda, because of the sharing of information, people knew what was still lacking and needed. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and even Instagram became the new source of information that is readily available to anyone. Unlike before that when there is disaster, a couple of emails were sent to organizations and there is still a lack of information especially relating to remote areas. Today, there was too much information from everyone at once that the teams of relief workers cannot read everything.


For the first time in history, networking and social media site users became aware of what is happening to a place halfway around the globe and they were able to extend their help in simple ways. The world took a break from social media bullying, fighting and the self-syndrome where the most important events relate to us. Social media became a help to those in need.

Social Media Marketing: How Does It Help SEO?

Social media on SmartphoneA lot of changes have happened in the online industry, and with Google’s current efforts to beat search engine manipulation, online entrepreneurs need more SEO help than ever. But isn’t that ironic? Isn’t SEO just a method of search engine manipulation? The thing is SEO has both good and bad effects to your website, but you can outweigh the risks by using the correct methods. Social media marketing is one of the ways to optimize your SEO efforts.


Social media marketing or SMM is somehow seen as a branch of SEO. After all, when we say search engine optimization, it basically means any effort that pushes a website towards the top page of a Google search. Google needs to see your website as a valuable resource for the online community in order to put it on the top page. And one of the proven ways to make your website a good online resource is by making it a socially active entity.


One way to make this happen is by using Facebook and Twitter to communicate with your followers, customers, clients, and avid readers. You may also use social media as your customer service portal. Directly associating your website with your social media accounts also adds credibility to your site. It only shows that you are who you say you are, and there are people who know you and have tried your products and/or services.


Social media also increases your online reach. Web analytics helps you track the number of people who visit your site, but social media can give you names and locations, even pictures. It helps you expand your leads because when someone likes your page, it appears on their newsfeed and gets recommended to some of their friends. If your Facebook page becomes very popular, it may even appear first on a Google search before your website.


Google uses social media as a means for verification and background checking. If you don’t have any social media credentials, it’s as though you’re not engaging your followers to interact with you. One of the biggest mistakes that online marketers make is that they focus too much on SEO that they completely forget the essence of the process, and that is to become credible and valuable enough to be on the top page.